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About the Club

The VE6LSC amateur radio club is part of the Lethbridge Seniors Centre located at 500 – 11 Street South, Lethbridge, AB.  The purpose of the club is to provide:

  • emergency communications in time of need.
  • An organization for the benefit of amateur radio enthusiasts to come together to enjoy the hobby and engage in new ideas and concepts by interacting with members of the club and other amateur radio organizations.
  • provide a location for club members and invited guest to gather together for club meetings and a general gathering place for amateur radio enthusiasts.

VE6LSC Club Room

The VE6LSC club room is a dedicated room at the Lethbridge Seniors Centre and is available to all club members during normal operating hours of the Lethbridge Seniors Centre.  The club room provides:

  • A location for club meetings and casual drop-ins.
  • A fully functioning “ham station” for the use and enjoyment of club members.
  • A technical repair facility with test equipment and tools for club members to build and repair their own equipment.  There is also a selection of spare parts and hard to find items that can be utilized.
  • An extensive library of books and magazines pertaining to the radio hobby.
  • An extensive collection of older and antique equipment that has been entrusted to the club by current members and “silent keys” as a reminder of how the hobby began and the early equipment used in amateur radio.  The club also attempts to retain the history of the people who provided this equipment to the club.

Membership to the club is open to any licensed amateur radio operator who is a member of the Lethbridge Senior Centre for a nominal annual membership fee.  Membership information is available from the Lethbridge Seniors Centre at 403-320-2222.

Anyone wanting to visit the club centre or ask question about the club can do so by going to the Contact Us link in the top header.


VE6LSC Club Executive (2020)

President – Jim Gunter VE6JRG

Vice President – Ron Schreibe  VE6SCH

Secretary – Don Plunket VA6FH

Technical Lead – Gary Wheeler VE6CV


The VE6LSC amateur radio club operates two VHF repeaters.  These repeaters are available to any licensed radio amateur operator for their use and enjoyment.

The VE6ROT repeater is located in the Porcupine Hills area west of Claresholm AB and operates on a frequency of 146.790MHz with a -600KHz offset.  This is a long range repeater offering coverage over a large area of southern Alberta.

The VA6IRL repeater is located in downtown Lethbridge at the VE6LSC club site.  This repeater operates on a frequency of 146.97MHz with an offset of -600KHz.  This repeater is a local coverage repeater giving 2M coverage over most of the city of Lethbridge.


The club operates a 2M net every Tuesday evening at 7:00PM Lethbridge time.  This is a co-ordinated net that provides amateur operators a chance to contact other amateurs and share experiences and news.  All licensed operators are encouraged to join in and take part in the conversation.

(Note: currently the ROT net is held on the VE6AHH repeater 145.210MHz with an offset of – 600 Khz as improvements are being made to the ROT equipment)

Swap n Shop

The club provides a swap and shop service for anyone wishing to sell or is looking to obtain amateur radio equipment.  This service is provided from this web site and provides links to the for sale and wanted forms as well as the ability to view the sale or wanted items listings.