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TimestampShort DescriptionDetailed DescriptionAsking PriceOperational ?Age of ItemGeneral LocationContact email (or phone #)Contact Name & Callsign
9/13/2021 19:35:02MACKIT VR-300 VariacMACKIT VR-300 variac, 300w 0 to 165v (adjustable output transformer)$25YesUnknownLethbridgeVE6BGR@gmail.comBarry Rushford
9/15/2021 17:09:32Channelizer CPS-24 Power Supply24v power supply with 6 – 24vDC 2A outputs and 1 – 20vDC output. Provision for battery backup. Used to power cablevision amplifiers$25YesUnknownLethbridgeVE6BGR@gmail.comBarry Rushford
9/15/2021 19:10:55Armaco Desk MicrophoneIn good condition and tests ok$20YesUnknownLethbridgeVE6BGR@gmail.comBarry Rushford
9/15/2021 19:17:05Microtana Clamp on AC ammeterGood condition$15YesUnknownLethbridgeVE6BGR@gmail.comBarry Rushford
10/15/2021 15:56:05Yaesu FT 209RH HandheldYaesu FT209RH handheld is in reasonable condition. Functional but needs battery. Comes with carrying case$25YesUnknownLethbridgeVE6BGR@gmail.comBarry Rushford VE6BGR
11/24/2021 19:19:41Yaesu Mullen FT-207R Hand HeldFT-207R in reasonable condition. Requires battery pack and charger.$15YesUnknowLethbridgeVE6BGR@gmail.comBarry Rushford VE6BGR
12/2/2021 15:38:15Yaesu MH-12 Speaker MicrophoneSpeaker/mic in good condition$15YesUnknownLethbridgeVE6BGR@gmail.comBarry Rushford VE6BGR
1/21/2022 16:48:07Heathkit AR-3 ReceiverHeathkit AR-3 receiver in fair condition. Speaker needs replacement or repair. Functionality is unknown. Please contact to view a picture$25unknownunknownLethbridgeVE6BGR@gmail.comBarry Rushford VE6BGR
3/9/2022 10:03:12MFJ 1020C active antennaAs new with power supply$80.00Yes1 year oldSouth lethbridgeve6wlemcom@gmail.comLawrence (Larry) Barnett
3/9/2022 10:11:45USB 62C programming cable for Yaesu ft857As new$40.00Yes3 yrs oldAs newve6wlemcom@gmail.comLawrence Barnett VE6WL/VE6BAR
4/7/2022 20:19:36Kenwood 480sat transceiverAll cables, mic. manual etc . As new . Have receipts from GPS Central re purchase date$1,000.00AbsolutelyBought in Sept 2020 so just over a year oldAt home location in south LethbridgePh: 587-486-7643 or e-mail ve6wlemcom@gmail.comLarry VE6WL / VE6BAR
5/5/2022Collins 75A-4SVintage Collins receiver in pristine condition$1,100YesUnknownLethbridgezipgary2@gmail.comGary VA6UV
5/5/2022Kenwood PS50Kenwood power supply$350YesUnknownLethbridgezipgary2@gmail.comGary VA6UV
5/5/2022Icom 746Icom all band transceiver 110 thru 10 meters plus 2 and 6 meters$700YesUnknownLethbridgezipgary2@gmail.comGary VA6UV